Tuesday, July 30, 2013

inTune 2013 and WMC getting in tune.

Borolloola's own The Sandridge Band will be touring remote NT-SA-WA
on the Sand Tracks Tour 2013 

Justin De Leeuw from visual arts on the way down to
Alice Springs "inTunes" with Adrian McNamara WMC Manager.

The North Tanami Band inTunes opening night 26/07/13

Catherine Satour.

Tennant creeks own Unbroken Expanse.

And one of WMC's great trainers and lead singer of UBX
Chris (Wheezy) Helmond.

Radio GaGa panel featuring Dom Alessio Triple J, a commercial station DJ,
CAAMA's own Warren H Williams and Edan Baxter from 8CCC.

James Winwood and Dirk Dickenson working on extra leads needed for
Desert Harmony.

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