Sunday, July 7, 2013

Nyinkka Nyunyu with Warren H Williams and friends.

Loading up for the Nyinkka NyuNyu Aboriginal Art and Culture Centre 10th anniversary.

At the culture centre setting up.
Terrance (T.L) Limerick, Reggie O'Riley and Harrison Green.
(The big fella' having a stretch is Jamison.)  

Trainer Chris Helmond holding an attentive audience.

Warren H Williams.
What are you taking a photo of Warren. 

Oh that.
Some of Warrens back up band, Harrison Green, Jamison (fan), Lenny (Baked Bean) Nelson, Eugene Green and at front Reggie O'Riley.

Sound check with the other band member Brenden Hines.

Chris (Wheezy) Helmond selecting some tunes.

Let the music begin.

Harrison Green larger then life on the big screen.

Anyinginyi Health Aboriginal Corporation presented an anti smoking  vid.

Warren H Williams on the big screen.

Below, Warren on guitar, Brenden singing, Baked Bean on bass and Reggie on Drums.

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