Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Bush Bands Bash September 21st 2013

WMC All Stars at CAAMA mobile unit for an interview.
Brian Morton, Joseph Shannon, Reggie O'Riley, Leslie Thomson, Brenden Hines and Marcus Finlay.

Some familiar faces from WMC/BRA. Shane Johnson Tilt Vision/Media Mob. Tim Cole sound engineer, Sam Davis Tilt Vision.

Jaspa Woods BBB manager.

The arty BBB sign.

Sound Check WMC All Stars

Sound Check Sandridge Band.

Opening performers. The Sandridge Band.

The WMC All Stars with Brian Morton, Joseph Shannon and Leslie Thomson.

The WMC All Stars with Brendon Hines, Marcus Finlay, Reggie O'Riley on drums and Joseph Shannon.

The crowd. Bush Bands Bash 2013.

The WMC crew ready to head home to self manage the music centre.
Brian, Joseph. Brenden, Reggie and Marcus.

Bush Bands Bash Business 2013. 17-20th September

On the road to Borroolola to pickup the Sandridge Band.

The turn off to the famous place name.

The Sandridge Band at Ross River. Andrew Dodd, Bruce King, Gadrian Hoosen, Conrad Rory and Warrick John.

WMC staff setting up the second rehearsal tent at Bush Bands Bash Business.

Gadrian the lead man for the Sandridge Band.


The workshops.

The main rehearsal stage with Running Water. The light at the back is the rising moon.

The running sheet.

Nicky Bomba and The wobble Man. (WMC manager Adrian McNamara)

The full BBB crew in a collage.

After the Harmony the harmony continues 11/12th September

Dirk Dickenson and Glen Martin working on the Harold dalywaters  mix.

Loading out for the Barkly Primary School concert.

Dirk Dickenson, Brian Morton and Joseph Shannon,.

Marcus Finlay.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Tear down and set up.

September 2nd.
Tear down the Desert Harmony Festival.

Marcus Finlay.

Dirk Dickenson.

Joseph Shannon.

Brian Morton, Joseph, Dirk and Terrance Limerick.

Stage and Sound equipment gone.

Drovers Hall WMC with everything in disarray.

Brenden Hines and Marcus Finlay.

Sound engineer and trainer Matt Byrnes.
The studio all set.

The sound desk at the ready.

And all the festival rig awaiting the next big event.
Well done Winanjjikari Music Centre Crew for an awesome festival
and for being the best Indigenous sound crew in Australia. 

Desert Harmony Part 3.

Setting up the main stage Desert Harmony.

Set up and training with Matt Burnes

Dirk Dickenson.

WMC supporting Dyson, Stringer, Cloher.
Mia Dyson, Jen Cloher, Liz Stringer with the Lady Beats.

Kyimba member trying an Empower contraption.

Warren H Williams rehearsal with Griffith and WMC.

Bunna Laurie rehearsal with Naomi from Griffith and BRA's Kathy Byrnes.

BAMFest 2013
Jamison and his Dad Nelson singing Gospel.

Wutunugurra Gospel Choir.

Wutunugurra Storm.

Band Nomadic with Elvis Kidd on lead and singing.

Harrison Green with Band Nomadic.

The Raymond Dixon Family Band.

Adrian Jackson (Cornbeef) with Band Nomadic.

Brian Morton, the WMC Allstars with the Griffith back up band.

Warren H Williams with the Griffith back up band.

Lady Beats.

Coloured Stone.

The crowd.
BAMFest 1/09/13