Monday, October 10, 2011

"The Seed" management workshop 3rd-7th October

Winanjjikari Music Centre manager Adrian McNamara was one of the 25 recipients to take part in the "Seed" managerial workshop.

Yep... Held in the beautiful blue mountains. In case you don't know that view is the famous "Three Sisters"  at Katoomba.

The "Seed" was originally inspired by this guy, super star and all round nice guy John Butler pictured with WMC Manager Adrian McNamara.

Adrian's room mate for the week Brendan Boney, Australian winner of the 2011 APRA Professional Developments award with his (and partner Tessa's) awesome band "Microwave Jenny".
It wasn't all sightseeing, in fact after the first day it was 3 days of intensive panels. 

Plus 3 days of round tables with the panelist. This break out room at "The Clarendon" was wonderful and the food sumptuous, making the intensiveness less intensive.   

There was also plenty of evenings that the talented performed. "Microwave Jenny" at the jam night on Wednesday. 

John Butler with Daniel (Mama Kin) the other half of the "Seed's" success.

Garth Carwardine. Because any successful event needs a committed team.

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