Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Kintore Festival 30th Anniversary 2011 Part 3

Kintore Day two 15-10-10. The WA boarder is only 40km from Kintore so we hitched a lift. It was the first time for us stepping foot into Western Australia. The WMC crew: Joe Davey, Brendan Hines, Terrance (T.L) Limerick and Adrian McNamara.

Kintore from above looking across to the WA boarder. That white spot in the middle is the community.

The hill we climbed to take the above picture. 

From Kintore east to Yuendemu (Beds are Burning. Midnight Oil) Every one's favourite politician Peter Garret Minister for school education, early childhood and youth and ex lead singer of one of Australia's greatest bands "Midnight Oil" with Winanjjikari Manager Adrian McNamara.

The Tableland Drifter's had a surprise guest appearance. 

Headline act "The Tjupi Band."

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