Sunday, October 23, 2011

Kintore Festival 30th Anniversary 2011 Part 2

Crack of dawn Kintore 14/10/11

The site of the festival. The covered basket ball courts.

Stage 1.... The stage.

Stage two... The PA set up by Terrance Limerick, Brendan Hines and Joe Davey.

And better not forget the sound man extraordinaire Jeff McLaughlin working on stage three; the lighting. Jeff lived on the job from start to finish.

Sound check. 1...2...3...

All ready to go.

At the desk; Brendan Hines, Terrance (T.L) Limerick, Joe Davey and CAAMA's G-Man.

Kintore flying the flag.

On the left was the festival host Lindsay and one of the original "first contact" desert people opening the festivities.

Shellie Morris and the Kintore kids.

Shellie Morris doing it solo.

Neil Murray back on familiar turf...well; red dust.

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