Tuesday, February 21, 2012

WMC Training 1st quarter 2012.

Welcome back Jeremy Finlayson from Jeztronics out of Melbourne, our constantly returning electronic audio repair and sound professional straight into training on day one 20th of Feb with Dirk Dickenson.

Brian Morton was also on hand for training.

Some training tools... Yes they look like lego's but they are really a specific training tool.

Sound desk advance training with Jordan Newcastle, Tyrone Dixon, Jeremy Finlayson and Brenden Hines. 

February 21st saw the return of Protools and recording up skill  with trainer Jeff McLaughlin in the studio with Zaddock Johnson.   

Jeff on the whiteboard in the studio with the staff looking on and learning.

And Jeremy in the new training space teaching sound variants on the white board with projector and electronic equipment. 

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