Sunday, February 19, 2012

Wianjjikari Music Centre of activity.

Dirk Dickenson training on the electric drums.

Kathy Burns and James Winwood from the Songroom initiative doing song interpretation with Rosemary Plummer in the new WMC training space. 

Recording the new Brenden Hines album at the WMC studios.

It has to be done. Cleaning the WMC "rock squad" Troop Carrier, Terrance (TL) Limerick and Leslie Thompson.

A certificate and pen awarded to WMC from Adam Rush, Barkly Collage due to WMC taking on two work experience youths last year. (Note the emptying office as we ready our selves for our new work place.)

Our newest employee and gun musician Tyrone Dixon laying down some bass lines on the Brenden Hines recording.

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