Monday, September 2, 2013

Desert Harmony Part 2

Day 1. Dinner under the stars with Catherine Satour.

Day 2. Little Athletics Carnival with a Griffith Music Jam.
One of the Empower creations.

Day 3. Street Parade. The WMC bike float.
The pedal powered slot car set.
Artist market day with Pujjali dance troop.

Day 4 8CCC community radio breakfast.

As Griffith practice circle stories with WMC.

Spoken Word at the BAT (Barkly Arts Theater) space. 

Day 4. Sound check at the circle.
Sound engineer Matt Burnes.

MC for the night ex-Griffith student and Desert Harmony production supervisor
James Winwood. 

Griffiths Dr Brydie-Leigh Bartlett.

Circle Stories 2013 celebrating 5 years of Winanjjikari Music Centre and Griffith university cross cultural exchange.

Special guest appearance by Dyson, Stringer, Cloher.

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