Thursday, May 16, 2013

Peko Park Jam... Delicious.

The WMC crew loading up the troop carrier and the Xtrail for the Peko Park gig.

Marcus loading the bass drum into its case.

Brenden Hines.

At the park, Dirk Dickenson, Brian Morton and Elvis Kidd. 

The WMC staff decided just the day before to do this gig and musicians flocked from all over.

Harrison Green on bass and singing with support from Amish Robertson and on guitars  Fitzy Green , Terry Miller from Desert Eagles; Ali Curung.

Eugene Green singer.

Dillon Charles, Elvis on drums, Angus Raymond with Jordan fixing the mic. 

Jordan Newcastle, Reggie Riley on drums, Brenden Hines and Marcus Finlay on lead.
Elvis Kidd and Brian Morton in the background. 

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