Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Songmen, 8CCC, Beef Dinners and Drovers Hall.

Tim Cole working with the Songmen prier to their performance with Warren H Williams at the NIMA's.

Dick Foster "Warramungu Song Man"  being filmed by Issac and assistant at sun set.

Movement at the 8CCC studios attached to the rear of WMC, broad casting locally by the end of the year.

Some of the players in the radio stakes. Including representatives from CAMAA radio, 8CCC board members, techs, CEO's of arts orgs and music centre managers.

The flight deck at 8CCC coming together.

We did the lighting for the annual "Barkly Beef Dinner" and it looked great; but all I got was this crappy photo.

The WMC staff jamming the new songs.

WMC Employee Marcus Finlay recording his up and coming CD.

Morning opening at WMC/Drovers Hall.

The live sound desk with road cases in back ground.

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